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Who we are?

Lewis Brand Management is a sports, entertainment and athlete management company with an emphasis on branding, marketing, consulting and partnerships. My creative team provides an outside the box solution that consistently exceed the expectations of my clients.

I am committed to all my clients and provide them with the individual attention needed to have huge success in all areas of their lives. By working with preeminent sports properties I market distinctive sponsorships opportunities to the world’s leading brands.

I also help develop culturally relevant solutions that extend beyond language. While sitting at the intersection of sports, entertainment, and technology. I help each to navigate the others complex business.


Lewis Brand Mgmt is a full service talent management company that offers coaching and consulting to help our clients improve their marketing and maximize their potential. From brands to athletes Lewis Brand has over 15 years of experience in the world of marketing, consulting, and brand management.

Whether you’re looking to improve your branding, advertising, promotions or any aspect of your marketing, Lewis Brand can help you develop an integrated strategic marketing plan designed to meet your goals.